Friday, February 11, 2011


Have you ever woke up in the morning feeling down and need a pick me up or just hung over from the night before. There are only two breakfast foods I will drag myself out of bed to comfort my broken soul: chicken fried steak (which btw is not chicken, it is a steak fried like chicken, unless you get a chicken fried chicken steak) and eggs and a breakfast burrito with sausage. Lucky for me there are two great places that sale these two comfort foods.

On this sunny Friday morning I decided to take a rest from my workout and enjoy a breakfast burrito with sausage from my local Hot of the Grill. Even though this breakfast is a sin to my diet, I needed comfort in something that has always brought a smile to my heart. I make my burritos extra special with my secret ketchup and sriracha sauce. Oh crap..... I just gave away my secret recipe.....

Hot of the Grill
16522 Bolsa Chica Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-3511
(714) 377-0238

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