Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CA Shabu Shabu -Costa Mesa

A war of soups have been going on for years between the Costa Mesa CA Shabu Shabu and the Fountain Valley Shabu Shabu. Both have great service, but the fight is not over the service. The taste of the food is what the war is about. Mainly on the sauces. Even though there is only one person trusted with making the sauces on a daily bases.

I like both locations. FV has better service, but CM has better looking waitresses. :D Food taste about the same to me. Not every pot of shabu will taste the same if you think about it. Sometimes you put a little more of this or a little less. All in all it still fills the belly. Oh and its one of the few Shabu Shabu places I know that services brown rice. Which I love because its good for you. I am more about good for you tasting food. See you next time


California Shabu Shabu South Coast
801 Baker Street Suite A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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calshabu said...


this is len from shabu. i like your pic! i was wondering if i could submit it to the riviera magazine for a possible short profile on us.

i can give ya credit on our blog, too =).

let me know, yeah? or if you have other pix, you can send them to me at leonard@californiashabushabu.com.

thank you!